October 17, 2020 3 min read

Have you ever considered putting away the eyesore that is the power strip and replacing it with a sleek, modern charger that can charge your devices four times faster while also keeping them in order and in an aesthetically pleasing manner?


If you’re tired of tripping over power cords, then it may be time for you to invest in the Phantom charger. The Phantom charger is a charging device that can not only charge your devices four times faster, but it can also keep them organized and safe as they are being charged. This device works for both Samsung and iPhone, too.


Here are five reasons why you should upgrade to the Phantom charger.


Why YOU should upgrade to a phantom charger


It’s safer. Everyone loves the idea of fast charging, but the real benefit of having a phantom charger is that it is safer. Overheated power strips can cause electrical fires, tons of cords can cause confusion and frustration when trying to organize them, and they can also be tripping hazards if they are on the floor. You can get rid of all your various chargers and replace them with one Phantom charger that can charge your Apple watch, your iPhone, and even your AirPods simultaneously - no messy cords included.

It can charge all of your devices at once.The Phantom charger can not only hold all of your devices at once, but it can also charge them at the same time too. With the Phantom charger, you don’t have to pick which items to charge first, nor do you have to shuffle around chords at an electrical socket. This charger’s premium quality design allows you to dock your Apple watch, your AirPods, and your iPhone in a safe and efficient way so they can be charged and protected at the same time.

It’s ideal for busy families or people with multiple devices. This charger is suitable for people with multiple devices or busy families. Because of its fast charging capabilities and its smooth docking station, you can quickly charge a plethora of different devices in a very short amount of time.

It charges 4x faster than a regular charger. Did we mention it charges fast? With the Phantom charger, you can charge all three of your devices four times faster. The Phantom charger is Qi certified, ensuring quality and safety charging capacity. On top of that, it has an advanced cooling system that ensures your devices will not become overheated. This device has advanced heat-dissipating vents that control the temperature throughout all three of your devices.

It’s compatible with MOST devices! Finally, the Phantom charger is compatible with most devices. If you are a house divided, you can rest assured that both your iPhone and Samsung devices can be charged in the same space. This charger is compatible with most of the later iPhones, all of the Apple watches, and AirPods along with the later Samsung devices, Samsung watch, and Galaxy buds.


If you’re looking for the best fast charging device on the market, then you are looking for a Phantom charger. Not only can it charge all of your devices four times faster, but it prevents them from overheating while offering a stylish placeholder for them as well.

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